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eCommerce in 2020


There are several reasons that can cause your website to malfunction and there to be low sales. From slow loading landing pages and broken links to unresponsive designs and problematic checkout processes. But have you considered your website design might be the problem?

In the digital age, everything changes fast. New trends keep appearing and if we don’t follow them, we risk losing customers and respectively money.

Even physical shops have to change the design of their interiors according to the new trends. The good thing is that in the world of eCommerce this is much easier and you don’t need literally to reconstruct your shop in order to upgrade it

A good eCommerce design should create an outstanding customer experience. And in combination with impeccable products or service your you can boost your sales. Keep in mind that the design should be simple and easy to navigate as well as visually appealing while following the newest trends.

This data is pretty clear. It shows that people judge your brand through its website design and aesthetics. If your design is not attractive users would rather leave it, no matter how good your products are.

In order to avoid this, you need to take care of your design and follow the new trends.

#1 Web-Software-SEO-Development-Company-Kottayam-Kochi-Kerala

Let’s dive into design trends for 2020 for eCommerce stores.

1. Responsive Design Doesn’t Even Need to Be Discussed

It’s almost 2020 and it’s obvious you need to have a responsive design for your eCommerce store.

Did you know half of the global e-commerce revenue comes from mobile and 40% of transactions are done via mobile devices?

These numbers are going to increase, as customers shop more and more through their devices. Obligatory features for great user experience are the easy navigation, fast and simple check out process, multiple payment options.

The mobile-friendly device is so important that many eCommerce platforms and websites focus more on the mobile version than the desktop. You can see more and more mobile elements on desktop such as the long-scrolling pages, for instance.

The advantage of the responsive design is that you don’t need to create an entirely different mobile version for your website. The responsive design adapts to the respective device and the only thing you need to test is that the images and the sizes display the right way.

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#1 Web-Software-SEO-Development-Company-Kottayam-Kochi-Kerala

2. Saturation, Vivid Colors, and Simplicity

Pastel and simple colors may seem the safest option for your eCommerce platform, but they can be kind of boring. When opting for simple colors you risk creating a website that doesn’t stand out from the competition. Be different, show your brand identity and play more with colors.

Vivid colors grab people’s attention. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and saturation. The only thing you should be careful about is keeping it simple as not to cause visitors headache with a super colorful site.

For sure the Spotify website grabs your attention. They opted for warm and cheerful colors. And at the same time, the design is simple, containing the basic and the most useful information the customers will need

There are various studies on how colors influence people’s purchase decisions. There are even colors for specific types of customers. For example, the yellow and orange colors affect the impulsive shoppers, and that is why those colors are more common for promotions, outlet shops or fast food.

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3. Use Interactive Designs to Showcase Your Products

Another way to grab your customer’s attention is by videos and interactive design. The video layout and small interactions are both good touches and make your website attractive. This trend has been here a few years, but it will continue to be popular as it grabs people’s attention.

Oysho, for example, has a pretty interactive page with slideshows and videos

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe everything about a specific product. In these cases, it would be easier to add videos along with the product photos and descriptions.

A big pain for customers who shop online is that they can’t try the product on and they can’t see all its features nor feel the material. Even though you have described the features, it would be much easier just to show the product.

Checking the above examples, Adidas has added two videos of the rain jacket. In one of them, a model is showing its features – the hood, pockets, the zip, etc.

And there is a second video of a woman walking under the rain to demonstrate that the jacket is waterproof.

Animation and videos are great ways to help your customers to learn about the product or service. Just be sure the videos display perfectly on mobile devices

Another great way to help your customers learn more about your products is to create interactive graphics

The above graphic presents in a creative and interactive way how your wallet looks when you put 10 cards in it. If you move from the empty to the full you will see how the wallets enlarge when you add more and more cards.

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#1 Web-Software-SEO-Development-Company-Kottayam-Kochi-Kerala

Are You Using 3D Modelling to Show Your Products?

3D animation can be extremely useful because you can show your product from different perspectives. Also, the design is interactive and attracts the customer’s attention.

As we all know sometimes people don’t read the product descriptions, but a 3D model not only looks interesting but it allows users to navigate and check out information on the product.

As you can see from the screenshot, Adidas is using 3D modeling to show that the products in their collection are made using recycled materials.

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5. Outstand from Your Competitors with Asymmetric Layouts

Asymmetric layouts are also a great and trendy solution if you want to stand out from your competitors and grab the user’s attention. This design can be risky, so be careful and don’t go too far when designing an asymmetrical theme

The idea of the asymmetric design is not to be chaotic, but interactive, dynamic and colourful.

The above design is funny, bold, and it grabs people’s attention. Even though it is asymmetric, it’s not chaotic, it’s easy to navigate and you can see all the relevant information.

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6. Minimalist and Flat Design Is Still Trendy for Ecommerce

So far we have been describing more dynamic, bold and colorful eCommerce designs. However the minimalist (flat) design is still preferred by online shops.

The big advantage of the flat design is that is clean and simple. The main focus of those designs is the usability and easy navigation. This makes them one of the best options for eCommerce sites. The most important thing about eCommerce sites is to provide outstanding user experience – by helping users to buy from your website with just a few clicks. And the flat design has shown it works pretty well for customer’s needs.

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7. Typography, Big Fonts and Massive Text

In the past, fonts and typography haven’t been a significant part of the web design. This is changing now because new trends arise. Sometimes the fonts and the text can speak louder than the photos or videos. This is the philosophy behind big letters and the massive text.

As you can see from the above example, the design is pretty simple. It’s not colourful but looks bold. The big letters are quite impressive and for sure they attract people’s attention. At the same time, the website contains the basic information that customers need – product information, cart, menu.

This example shows how even the product titles follow the same massive style, which looks cool, futuristic and attention-grabbing.

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8. Let’s Get Inspired by Instagram, Introducing Stoppable Photos

Inspired by the Instagram shoppable posts, this design is super useful, because it provides the possibility for users to shop directly for an item shown on the main page.

The design is simple, and you can directly click on the specific item and from there, just like on Instagram, you can be transported to the respective product page and to check out.

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